Solnadika DMCC
Consultancy, Analysis and due diligence

Solnadika DMCC is a Limited Liability Company established at DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The team first analyses the project through a proprietary approach and its own requirement specification.

The analysis includes documentation assessment and on-site follow-up to achieve deep due diligence and to provide a decision-making tool.


  • Definition of the adapted financing model
  • Wording of the suitable documentation in order to approach Institutional, Private Banks, or Asset Management companies
  • Formalization of the Investment Product in order to make it eligible and distributable:
  • Structuring of the Investment Vehicle
  • Introduction of the Product
  • Investor Relations & communication

Solnadika GmbH

Representative office of Solnadika DMCC in Europe

Solnadika GmbH is a Limited Liability company established in Vienna, Austria. It represents Solnadika in Europe in order to provide the best services to its clients and to offer them proximity and flexibility.