Solnadika DMCC
Consultancy, Analysis and due diligence

Solnadika DMCC is a Limited Liability Company established at DMCC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


The team first analyses the project through a proprietary approach and its own requirement specification.

The analysis includes documentation assessment and on-site follow-up to achieve deep due diligence and to provide a decision-making tool.


  • Definition of the adapted financing model
  • Wording of the suitable documentation in order to approach Institutional, Private Banks, or Asset Management companies
  • Formalization of the Investment Product in order to make it eligible and distributable:
  • Structuring of the Investment Vehicle
  • Introduction of the Product
  • Investor Relations & communication

Solnadika Capital Soparfi

Participation and investment

Solnadika Capital Soparfi is a Limited Liability Company established in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg under the form of Société de participation financière.

Convinced that Growth and Value creation are linked to a collaborative approach over time, Solnadika Capital Luxembourg proposes to the companies to make a capital contribution in the financed projects or advisored companies.

Solnadika Capital Soparfi favors a participative mode of investment, in close collaboration with the management of the companies in which it invests. Beyond the pure financial contribution, understanding the challenges the company faces and identifying the best strategy for its development are an inherent part of the vision of Solnadika Capital Soparfi.